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About Me

I'm a tech enthusiast, software engineer, passionate Arch Linux user, and I like building and contributing to open source projects.

I currently work for Catalyst in Wellington, New Zealand, where I create software.

In my free time I enjoy photography, tramping, rock climbing and working on my numerous private projects.

In the past I have worked as a researcher at the Institute for Information Systems at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken, Germany. Being part of the Business Integration Technologies group, my research focused on recommender and decision support systems. My work included a fair amount of software engineering, creating complex server applications with Java EE.

Also I'm a fairly recent graduate with a Master's Degree in Business Informatics from Saarland University in Germany. In my master thesis I worked on optimising business processes. I developed a test bed for evaluating recommender approaches aimed at providing operational decision support, and analysed how real-time process analysis, utilising both local process information and global contextual information, can improve the actual process execution.



Frederik Leonhardt; Andreas Emrich; Alexandra Theobalt; Peter Loos: Disconnected Query Evaluation and Proactive Caching in Distributed Mobile Recommender Systems. In: Leena Suhl; Dennis Kundisch; Lars Beckmann (ed.). Tagungsband der Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik 2014. Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI-14), February 26-28, Paderborn, Germany, dblp, 2/2014. Awarded best student paper of the conference. Download.

Andreas Emrich; Alexandra Theobalt; Frederik Leonhardt; Sönke Knoch; Dirk Werth; Peter Loos: A Pervasive Mobile Assistance System for Health and Fitness Scenarios. In: 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-47), January 6-9, Waikoloa Village, Big Island, HI, USA, IEEE, 1/2014. Download.


Alexandra Theobalt; Sönke Knoch; Frederik Leonhardt; Lyubomir Ganev; Andreas Emrich; Marc Gräßle; Dirk Werth; Peter Loos: Personalized and context-aware recommendation of running routes. Presented as poster at ECIS 2012, AIS Electronic Library, 2012.


Some of my open source projects.

math-expressions (Dart Programming Language)

A math library supporting real, vector and interval evaluations of mathematical expressions.

sms-backup-manager (Java)

Manage, view and edit your text messages. Supports XML files generated by SMS Backup & Restore.
BugEx Online

BugEx Online (Python and Java)

A web application front end for BugEx, a tool that aims at helping developers understand a failure.

TinTin (Dart Programming Language)

A declarative authorization library for Dart inspired by Ruby's CanCan.

TraceBuddy (Dart Programming Language)

A browser-based ray tracer with support for rendering implicit mathematical functions.

bpe-sim (Java)

A business process monitoring and recommendation engine fed by a simulation model.

Find more on my GitHub profile.